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Texas HOPE Literacy provides inmate reintegration programs in both jails and prisons. Founded in 1997, HOPE has helped thousands...

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Recent Testimonial

Four years ago on this date I walked out of Dawson State Jail. It was the third time I had done so. It was the second time I had walked out with my Hope Literacy Woman of Excellence Award. I want to thank Ms. Lucy and Hope for giving me that second chance. The first time I went to prison was my opportunity to get to know who I was, the second time was to get to know who God was and the third time was to get to know who I was in Christ. Before I went to prison that first time I was I was always looking for someone or some material thing to give me happiness. When that stopped working I turned to alcohol and drugs. I could never get enough and the more I did the lower I sank and the things I did landed me back in prison again. I had the opportunity to be a part of Hope... I learned that time that the God I had growing up was not the God that loved me and wanted good things for me. When I got out that second time... I wanted to do the right thing but the lure of the world was too much and within a couple of months I put God on a shelf and went back to what I knew wasn't working for me, but was more comfortable. I don't much care for change or discomfort! God was with me though... I was shot at twice, stabbed and sexually assaulted... Coulda been dead because of the situations that I chose to put myself in. Within a year I was arrested again.... I landed in 10 Fox right off chain. I felt like I had come home. The routine... The rules... The structure, I had to somehow figure out how to hold on to those things when I left prison. I was reading a Beth Moore book one night as I lay on bunk 18... The words said God wants all of you good and bad! A wave of relief washed over me... I could stop trying to earn God's love! It was right there that I gave God all of me, I let Him know that I knew that He knew that I knew! I asked Him to fix my want to! I knew at that time that He would fix my desire to do the right thing if only I would let Him! I left Dawson again.. I had been out of prison for two and one half weeks when I slipped again. After my night of worldly things I woke up in an abandoned house with the same old "homeboy" I was running with before I had gone back to prison. In my spirit I heard God say " baby girl this is not where you belong". I will be forever grateful to Dale Truitt who gave me a second chance to come back to the Angel Recovery House, to Ms. Lucy and Texas Hope Literacy for all I learned in prison! But most of all to God who promises.... being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6. All I have to do is trust and do my part! God will always do His! Thanks for letting me share! "Christ in you, the Hope of glory." ◄ Colossians 1:27 ► Debra Rosene July 14 · Dallas, TX


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